Sable hunt in South Africa

Bob hunts sable with Karoo Wild Safaris in South Africa

Bob from Reno, Nevada chose to hunt with Karoo Wild Safaris on his 2nd Africa hunting trip. Bob hunted with my Sako .270 Win using 130 gr Pro Am rounds.

Sable hunt

We hunted red lechwe the next morning and although we saw several big lechwe bulls we were unable to get a shot. Early that afternoon we spotted a big bull grazing in the open. After a short stalk, Bob wasted no time in putting in a great shot to bag a wide horned lechwe bulls. That evening we enjoyed a meal of kudu sirloin, roasted vegetables and malva pudding washed down with some fine South Africa red wine.

We travelled north the next morning to hunt sable. We soon spotted a big sable bull resting by some trees and we stalked using some bush as cover. At 200 yards he sensed our presence and was about to take off before Bob's bullet found its target. The bull bucked and ran off. Several shots later Bob had his sable bull. A long sable bull with tips flaring out.

That afternoon we put in a stalk on a large herd of black wildebeest and Bob made a long downhill shot to take a nice black wildebeest.

The next couple of days was spent glassing and hunting unsuccessfully for bushbuck. We saw several good rams from afar but their ventures out of the thick bush were fleeting and we never seened to be at the right place at the right time. Red hartebeest eluded us in this period as well.

Our hunting luck changed quickly when early one morning we got onto a common reedbuck ram after passing on several younger rams. Bob made a great heart shot and the ram ran a few yards before expiring.

The last hunting day was spent in search of red hartebeest. We made a good stalk on a small herd from. Unfortunately Bob's first shot flew high but his subsequent shot was on target and he'd taken an old red hartebeest bull.

We enjoyed our time with Bob and hope to welcome him back to the Karoo sometime in the near future.