Hunting Mountain Reedbuck

Mountain Reedbuck is a challenging mountain hunt
Hunting Mountain Reedbuck

The mountain reedbuck inhabits an area from the Eastern Cape to south-eastern Botswana. They are most comfortable in the mountains and only venture into the plains to drink water, usually in the early to late mornings. Mountain reedbuck are gregarious and form small family herds of 5-8 animals. The males form bachelor herds, and will only join the females to mate.

Only males carry horns. The horns of a trophy mountain reedbuck will extend past its ears. Younger males have a soft pulp on the base of their horns which harden with age.

Hunting mountain reedbuck in South Africa is always a challenge. They flee uphill at the first sight of danger but will often pause, offering an opportunity. It’s a challenging and rewarding mountain hunt.

Spec Sheet
Scientific Name : Redunca Fulvorufula
Weight : 32 kg (m), 30kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 73cm (m), 70cm (f)
Breeding Season : Year round
Minimum Calibre : .243