Hunting in Eastern Cape

Hunting in the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape offers lush vegetation, undulating terrain and unique species unavailable elsewhere

The Eastern Cape boasts six out of the seven ecological biomes found in South Africa and this, in turn, supports a rich number of trophy hunting species. Areas are vast and scenic and the game plentiful. Hunting in the Eastern Cape is a much a hunt as a game viewing experience. Expect to hunt among a number of plains game species and be in close contact with dangerous game such as  elephant, buffalo and rhino.

Getting there:

After arriving in Johannesburg or Cape Town International Airports, fly to Port Elizabeth on a domestic flight. Flight duration is 1hr 30min. Karoo Wild Safaris will meet your flight and transfer you to the lodge, a 1hr 20 min drive.

Best Hunting Seasons in the Eastern Cape:

Prime season for hunting in the Eastern Cape is from March to October. The summer months of November to February can be hot. The early morning and late afternoons in summer are cooler and a cool afternoon breeze often brings respite from the heat.

Non-hunting Activities:


The terrain in the Eastern Cape and Karoo region varies greatly – from wooded valley bushveld savannah to mountains and vast Karoo plains.

Medical Requirements:

Malaria free and no special vaccinations are required.


Karoo Wild Lodge - Lapa

Karoo Wild Lodge

Karoo Wild Lodge is our home base. Accommodation is in 4 en suite thatched chalets. Chalets are privately located and are complete with generous bathrooms, free standing baths, inside and outside showers and king size beds.

Meals are served in the lapa and there is a swimming pool to cool off in the warm summer months. 

Swap the day’s African hunting stories under the Karoo skies alongside a roaring campfire.

Full WiFi is available throughout the camp. A daily laundry service is provided.

Trophy Animals Available in the Eastern Cape

Kudu – the top plains game animal to hunt on an African hunting safari.
A Cape Buffalo hunt is the most exciting of African dangerous game hunts but one to be approached with caution and careful planning.
Sable – often considered one of the most majestic of the African plains game antelope
Waterbuck - a truly majestic African plains game species
Nyala - the most colorful of African plains game antelope
The most common of African zebra species
Aardwolf - a long forgotten member of the hyena family
Baboon are the heaviest and largest monkey species
Bat Eared Fox - the only one of its genus on Earth
Long range shots are normal when hunting black wildebeest (White-tailed Gnu) on the South African plains
White blesbok are a genetic mutation of the common blesbok
Blesbok are often the first animal hunted on a South African hunting safari
Blue wildebeest (Brindled Gnu) are one of the top plains game animals to hunt in Africa
Bushbuck are often considered one of the most elusive of African plains game
Saved from the brink of extinction, bontebok are now a common South African plains game animal
the elusive bushpig are hunted at night over bait
Caracal are normally hunted with dogs in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
The Common Reedbuck is hunted in the grassy areas of South Africa
Blue Duiker – the smallest of South African plains game and a member of the Tiny Ten
Red Duiker are found in the coastal areas of South Africa and are a member of the Tiny Ten
Common Duiker - the largest of African Duiker species and member of the Tiny Ten
Eland - the largest of the African antelope
A gemsbok hunt is a must do hunt for most African hunters
A spotted, slender cat
Giraffe - the tallest mammal on Earth
One of the rarest Tiny Ten plains game antelope