Chris’s 4th African Hunt

African Hunting Blog

Your hunting adventure in words

Chris and wife, Mary Ellen and friends Rhys and Vicky hunted 10 days with us for a variety of plains game
Jim and son, James hunted cape buffalo with Karoo Wild Safaris in June
Caesar and Megan hunted the Eastern Cape for the first time and took a number of world class trophies
Jason and Dan fulfill their dream of hunting South Africa together
Troy and Melissa fulfill their dream of hunting in South Africa
Pat and Tina hunt with Karoo Wild Safaris on their bucket list, first African plains game hunt
William and Todd, booked our plains game package, and hunted a variety of plains game on an 11 day hunt
Keith and Kim returned for their 4th hunting safari, combining a plains game hunt in South Africa with a hippo hunt in the Caprivi Strip of Namibia
Redgie hunts an eland, kudu and nyala on his 4th plains game hunting trip with us
Denis hunted cape buffalo, kuduj and some cull animals on his 2nd trip with Karoo Wild Safaris
Mike and Irma joined us from Wisconsin, USA for a special week of hunting in South Africa
The Stevens family from Cumbria tarvelled to South Africa for a first plains game hunt for Adam and a Garden Route tour for the ladies