Zimbabwe Trophy Hunting Species

Species that can be hunted in Zimbabwe

Lake Kariba (Gache Gache, Matsudona) are famous for large Crocodile and Hippo. Lion, Elephant and Buffalo are also common in prime hunting concessions.

Plains game are generally scarcer in Zimbabwe than in neighbouring countries but select species are available in well managed areas.

Below is a list of trophy hunting species in Zimbabwe.

A Cape Buffalo hunt is the most exciting of African hunts but one to be approached with caution and careful planning.
The nile crocodile - A reptile from a bygone era
The African elephant is the world's largest land mammal
Hippo hunts are conducted by Karoo Wild Safaris in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia
Leopard hunts are conducted by Karoo Wild Safaris in Zimbabwe and Zambia
Lion - the king of Africa