Dangerous Game Hunting in Africa

Dangerous game species that can be hunted in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. These include the big five as well as crocodile and hippo hunting.

Hunting dangerous game is traditionally the stuff of African hunting legends like Peter Capstick and Frederik Selous. In modern times however, dangerous game hunting is more accessible to hunters than ever before. Be prepared though, these animals can quickly turn from prey to aggressor. A minimum of a .375 caliber is legally required for dangerous game hunting in Africa. Karoo Wild Safaris guides dangerous game hunts with two experienced professional hunters present, both armed with large caliber rifles.

Karoo Wild Safaris offers cape buffalo hunting in our home area - the Eastern Cape and in the Free State Provinces of South Africa. Elephant, hippo and croc can be hunted in the Lowveld region adjoining the Kruger National Park. Lion hunting is possible in the Kalahari.

Leopard, buffalo, elephant, hippo, croc and lion hunting are available on dangerous game hunting packages  in our Zimbabwe and Zambia concessions.

What is dangerous game hunting?

Dangerous game hunting refers to the hunting of all the big five species; cape buffalo, elephant, lion, rhino, leopard plus croc and hippo. Collectively they're called the dangerous seven of Africa.

What does a dangerous game hunt cost?

Although certainly more costly than a plains game hunt, dangerous game hunting can be affordable to the average hunter. Dangerous game hunt packages for two or more species definitely give you more bang for your buck due to the logistics involved. However single species hunts like cape buffalo, lion, hippo and and croc are possible on a budget.

Below is a list of dangerous game species in Africa.

A Cape Buffalo hunt is the most exciting of African hunts but one to be approached with caution and careful planning.
The nile crocodile - A reptile from a bygone era
The African elephant is the world's largest land mammal
Hippo hunts are conducted by Karoo Wild Safaris in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia
Leopard hunts are conducted by Karoo Wild Safaris in Zimbabwe and Zambia
Lion - the king of Africa