Hunting in Zambia

Our concessions in the Luangwa Valley are the perfect base for dangerous game hunting.

Think National Geographic beautiful, this is the Africa of a bygone era. Zambia is a leopard hunting country and it’s not uncommon to spot or hunt them during the day. Hippo, lion, croc, elephant and buffalo are common along the Luangwa River and its many tributaries. Puku, sitatunga, chobe bushbuck and reedbuck abound in Zambia.

Camp life is a relatively basic affair but still comfortable enough to never want to leave. Chalets are thatched and en-suite. WiFi is available in camp at certain times of the day (ie when the generator is running). Meals are prepared on the open fire.

Getting there:

After arriving in Johannesburg or Cape Town International Airports, where Karoo Wild Safaris will meet you, fly to Lusaka on a regional flight. Flight duration is 2hr. Charter flights to Luangwa Lodge, 1hr flight time.

Best Hunting Seasons:

Prime hunting season in Zambia is from July to November. The summer months can be extremely hot and the foliage is often still too dense to hunt successfully.

Non-hunting Activities:

  • Visit the spectacular Victoria Falls and white-water raft down the Zambezi River
  • Sunset booze cruise upriver from Victoria Falls
  • Big five game viewing along the Chobe River


The terrain in the Luangwa Valley varies from thickly wooded savannah to lush riverine forest, green all year round. Water is plentiful and there are a large number of tributaries.


The Luangwa Valley is a malaria area. Consult your physician about taking malaria prophylaxis.

Trophy Animals Available in Zambia

The nile crocodile - A reptile from a bygone era
The African elephant is the world's largest land mammal
Leopard hunts are conducted by Karoo Wild Safaris in Zimbabwe and Zambia