Plains Game Hunting in South Africa

Plains game species that can be hunted in South Africa. “Plains game” is an African hunting term and refers to all game other than dangerous game.

Plains game hunting in Africa is more popular than all the other types of local hunting combined. South Africa’s abundance and variety of animals make it a plains game hunting paradise. There are over 40 plains game antelope species, carnivores and other creatures that can be hunted.

Plains game hunting is offered in our home area, the Eastern Cape. Hunters are accommodated at Karoo Wild Lodge, in the heart of our hunting area. This is kudu hunting country, our area boasting the highest kudu density in Africa.

We also operate a lodge in the Free State. This concession borders on the Orange River for 30km and offers us additional plains game hunting variety. Hunt the unique Hartmanns Mountain Zebra and other plains game in the rolling hills of the Free State.

What is plains game?

It is thought that term plains game was first used by big game hunters and white hunters that hunted Africa in the early 1800's. They were mostly interested in big game; elephant, buffalo and rhino. All the antelope and other game were called "plain" as in ordinary.

How much is a plains game hunt in Africa?

It's often perceived that hunting in Africa is only for the wealthy. This is a myth; a plains game hunt in South Africa for multiple species is more affordable than booking a guided elk hunt in many areas of North America. Plains game hunting packages are available for as little as $4700 all inclusive.

Below is a list of Plains Game trophy hunting species in Africa.

Kudu – the top plains game animal to hunt on an African hunting safari.
Sable – often considered one of the most majestic of the plains game antelope
Waterbuck - a truly majestic African plains game species
Nyala - the most colorful of African plains game antelope
The most common of African zebra species
Aardwolf - a long forgotten member of the hyena family
Baboon are the heaviest and largest monkey species
Long range shots are normal during a black wildebeest (White-tailed Gnu) hunt on the South African plains
White blesbok are a genetic mutation of the common blesbok
Blesbok are often the first animal hunted on a South African hunting safari
Blue wildebeest (Brindled Gnu) are one of the top plains game animals to hunt in Africa
Bushbuck are often considered one of the most elusive of African plains game
Saved from the brink of extinction, bontebok are now a common South African plains game animal
the elusive bushpig are hunted at night over bait
Caracal are normally hunted with dogs in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
The Common Reedbuck is hunted in the grassy areas of South Africa
Blue Duiker – the smallest of South African plains game and a member of the Tiny Ten
Red Duiker are found in the coastal areas of South Africa and are a member of the Tiny Ten
Eland - the largest of the African antelope
A gemsbok hunt is a must do hunt for most African hunters
A spotted, slender cat