Free State Trophy Hunting Species

Species that can be hunted in the Free State, South Africa

The Free State hunting area in South Africa is bordered by 30km of Orange River frontage and supports a number of species unique to the area – the mountain zebra being the most notable.

Cape Buffalo hunting is particularly rewarding in this area. Roan, Sable and other plains game are well represented on the plains and undulating hills of the Free State.

Below is a list of trophy hunting species in the Free State.

Kudu – the top plains game animal to hunt on an African hunting safari.
A Cape Buffalo hunt is the most exciting of African hunts but one to be approached with caution and careful planning.
Sable – often considered one of the most majestic of the plains game antelope
Waterbuck - a truly majestic African plains game species
The most common of African zebra species
Long range shots are normal during a black wildebeest (White-tailed Gnu) hunt on the South African plains
White blesbok are a genetic mutation of the common blesbok
Blesbok are often the first animal hunted on a South African hunting safari
Blue wildebeest (Brindled Gnu) are one of the top plains game animals to hunt in Africa
Eland - the largest of the African antelope
A gemsbok hunt is a must do hunt for most African hunters
Impala are the most hunted animal on an African hunting safari
Hated by sheep farmers in South Africa
Mountain Reedbuck is a challenging mountain hunt
Lech we are the most water-adapted African plains game antelope
Ostrich are the world’s largest bird
The largest rodent and largest porcupine in the world
Red hartebeest are a strange looking African antelope
Roan are the second largest plains game animal in Africa
A popular springbok color phase and a unique trophy animal
Springbok are South Africa’s national animal and an African hunting icon