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Buddy Manners - hunting review of Karoo Wild Safaris

All my life I have dreamed of going on an South African Plains Game Hunt, and never considered looking into into going, because I assumed the cost would be phenomenally expensive and therefore only for the rich. I was so wrong, it is affordable mor mostly anyone to enjoy a Plains Game Safari, and we chose Karoo Wild Safaris with Victor and Lindsey Watson. They are fantastic people and make you feel part of their family. I had the time of my life with them an it was an experience I will never forget. I’m so very grateful for this opportunity.Victor is an exceptional professional hunter guide and Mitchell, his tracker/skinner is great as well, in my opinion they are the best in the business.

Victor and Lindsey’s staff are top-rate! We had some of the best meals I have ever tasted, and we were taken care of as well.The areas where we hunted was absolutely beautiful, huge rocky mountain terrain, lots of trees, brush, thickets and animals everywhere you look. It reminded me a lot like the hill country in Texas, with a mix of Rocky Mountains of Colorado.I was honored to be able to take so many different species of true trophy animals. The quality of the hair, hides and horns are very important to me, as a taxidermist you strive for perfection, but you can’t achieve that without quality hides, hair and horns.

All of the animals I’ve taken on this trip will be showroom displays in my taxidermy shop. Victor’s oustanding guiding skills were paramount in enabling me to not only take some magnificent animals, but he guided me through a 100% trophy animal harvest rate from a list I had made before my trip.I will never use anyone other than Victor and Lindsey Watson at Karoo Wild Safaris, for any future South African hunts and will highly recommend them to everyone I know back in Texas.

Thanks again Victor and Lindsey.

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