Zambia Trophy Hunting Species

Species that can be hunted in Zambia

The Karoo Wlid Safari concessions in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia are the perfect base for dangerous game hunting.

Think National Geographic beautiful, this is the Africa of a bygone era. Zambia is a leopard hunting country and it’s not uncommon to spot or hunt them during the day. Hippo, Lion, Crocodile, Elephant and Buffalo are common along the Luangwa River and its many tributaries. Puku, Sitatunga, Chobe Bushbuck and Reedbuck abound in Zambia.

Below is a list of trophy hunting species in Zambia.

A Cape Buffalo hunt is the most exciting of African hunts but one to be approached with caution and careful planning.
The nile crocodile - A reptile from a bygone era
The African elephant is the world's largest land mammal
Hippo hunts are conducted by Karoo Wild Safaris in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia
Leopard hunts are conducted by Karoo Wild Safaris in Zimbabwe and Zambia
Lion - the king of Africa
Hyena are an under-rated African predator