Howard and Magi, Denver - Review

Howard and Magi, Colorado, USA

Everything about the experience my wife Magi and I had while at Karoo last December was just outstanding. The food was excellent as well as the accommodations, setting and gracious hospitality. Magi and Lindsay went on day trips to ride elephants at Addo, pet and scratch up cheetah at the reserve, take lots of wildlife photos and shop and dine in Port Elizabeth. I started my days at first light hunting with Victor in a number of different areas depending on the species we were seeking.

Victor and his tracker/skinner Mitchell seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to spotting and game, sometimes a mile away. It was great fun just to experience the walking and stalking required to find and get in range for a shot at a quality trophy. Thanks to Vcitor’s skill and experience I was able to take all the trophies on my list plus a few more. Victor and Lindsay are wonderful hosts who helped make every aspect of our trip exceed our highest expectations. I had such a great time I hope to return next year.

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Plains Game Gallery

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