Keith from Indiana, USA - Review

Keith from Indiana, USA

Another wonderful, amazing and outstanding visit to Karoo Wild Safaris with Victor & Lindsay Watson.  Third time to hunt with Victor and Mitchell, this time hunting for a very specific “Wish List” and all my expectation were more then fulfilled!  Victor met me at the Port Elizabeth airport, it was like two old time friends seeing each other after a long passing of time.  Arrived at the Lodge to be greeted by Lindsay and staff who got me all settled in my chalet, the chalets are very comfortable, tastefully decorated and have window views which are stunning.  For this trip, Victor had planned for me to visit a few of his other concessions so I would have the best opportunities for true trophies.  Each of these concession had its own geo layout with its flora and fauna, to be able to see and visit a large part of the eastern side of South Africa was a real treat.  Dinner with Nibbs was one of many highlights of this trip, as was visiting with Emma and Harry Thomas (Victor and Lindsay’s children), visiting a sporting goods store with Victor, going to Camdeboo National Park and the Vally of Desolation.  My “Food Crush” for Lindsay culinary delights started on my first evening at the Lodge with Lamb Shanks and for dessert Melva with custard!  One evening we had a traditional South African “Braai” (grilling/Bar-B-Q) of game meat rope sausage and chops, using coals from native cut wood – this was one of the finest meals I have ever had.  There were some uninvited guests who joined us, Rhino and Donkey / Burro(s), made for memories that will last a life time.

As for the hunting, each day offered the chance at trophies any hunter would be proud to take.  #1 on my “Wish List” was Cape Buffalo and finish a spiral slam with Eland and Bushbuck.  “Wish List” was completed and filled with magnificent trophies and memories.  Cape Buffalo hunt came hard and fast, with no time to really think about it.  Eland hunt was a completely different story, had to work for this one – Waiting for ELEPHANTS to pass by, long stalk, strong winds, acute angle downward ledge shot and then the long wait.  I know the wait was less the 25 minutes but it seemed like hours waiting for the Eland to turn for a broad side shot.  Gave me all the time in the world to stare at his size and an amazing set of spiral horns.  Enough time for my heart to start pounding through my shirt, it was hard to get my breathing under control and then my old friend, Mr. Shakes shows up.  Big Kudu and big Eland are an open invitation for this old friend to just stop by for a visit and then everything is about to become very exciting.

A big thank you to Victor, Lindsay, Mitchell, Francis and all the others who made this trip very special.

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