Mark and Lezlie, Iowa - Review

Mark and Lezlie, Iowa USA

Mark – I want to thank you, Lindsay, Francis, Mitchell and even Nibbs for a wonderful safarication.  I can’t think of anything we were lacking or could have wished for during our stay.  Nibbs did a wonderful job both as a PH and tour guide.  Not an easy job entertaining people non-stop for 8 days. More importantly we have truly been bitten with the Africa bug and have not been able to stop talking about when we could possibly return in the future.

Lezlie – Outstanding in every way. We felt catered to on every level. Staff are excellent (Francis), food is exceptional, our PH (Nibbs) was phenomenal and a lot of fun, Mitchell has eyes like a hawk and the owners Victor and Lindsey were warm, genuine and extremely hospitable. It was perfect from start to finish. The camp exceeded our expectations. We will be back!

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Plains Game Gallery

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