Redgie, USA - Review

Redgie from Texas, USA

This was my third trip with Karoo Wild Safaris and what a time we had. For those who haven’t used Victor’s camera man, Paul Ruschenbaum, who will video your every hunt, at a very reasonable price I might add, you may want to get the details from Victor. After watching hundreds of hours of Africa Hunting Videos, in my opinion he’s the best of the top 4. Watching the videos on my TV at home, brings back all the memories over and over again.

It was a 9 day action packed hunt, stalking, crawling, butt-sliding, nerve rattling trip I won’t easily forget. We were able to shoot a huge Sable, 2 Elands, Waterbuck, Springbucks and a kudu on the run. The camraderie between Victor the PH, Paul the cameraman, Mitchell the tracker and myself was fun. We laughed, we told hunting stories and had a heck of a good time.

For those concerned about getting to South Africa, my flight on Qatar Airways felt like a step up from first class, from other airlines I’ve flown in the past. They handled my gun transfer with a personal assistant, making it almost effortless on my part. They are a first class airline and I suspect the airports, along with the security personnel are instructed to not disappoint them. In future I’ll go out of my way to fly Qatar, even if the flight is longer.

Lindsey’s cooking was phenomenal and the lodge that they always let me stay in, is very roomy and makes me feel like I’m in Africa.

Thanks again to Victor and Lindsey for such a great hunt and a great time, and thanks for letting me share all my hunting stories in a short 10 days!

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