Seth and Julie - Review

Hunting Bushbuck

Me and my husband used company for our 15th anniversary trip. Company is not a word I would use. Its more like a family. So personal and caring. Victor and Lindsay were so involved and a part of the trip. It was like having friends come on vacation with you. They both are such amazing people. We went hunting together and ate and drank together. The personalization is above and beyond. Karoo works with you to personalize your experience for what you want it to be. No gimmicks or agendas. You get what you want. They took us where we needed to go in order to hunt the animals we wanted. They organized and accompanied us on the excursions that were not hunting related and made sure we didnt waste our money on any ventures that would not work out. Victor made it a mission to take me to all the souvenirs shops until i had purchased everything that i needed (and it was alot). If you are looking for an experience that is personal and not commercialized, this is the family to go with.

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Plains Game Gallery

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