Cull Hunting Package South Africa

Cull Hunters from France hunt plains game with Karoo Wild Safaris

In April Karoo Wild Safaris welcomed Maximillien and Ludovic to the Karoo. Maximillien is originally from France and him and his family live and work in Acra, Ghana. Ludovic lives and works in Paris.

For both hunters it was their first ever antelope hunt and they enjoyed the experience of hunting the different species and terrains that our plains game cull package involves. Cull hunting is different from trophy hunting in that the hunter seeks out the weakest animal in a herd where as in trophy hunting the goal is to seek out the best possible male specimen. Aside from this difference, all other aspects are the same and all hunting is done by walk and stalk. In many ways cull stalks are even more challenging as the hunter often has to stalk up on an animal in a large herd of animals with many eyes around to pick up the slighest movement of the hunter resulting in a failed stalk.

Every year we have a large number of animals and species to cull. Cull hunts aid in conservation and makes the animal herds stronger, removing the genetically inferior animals from the herd and reducing the numbers and grazing pressure on the immediate environment.

It was a week of good company and good hunting