Family Hunting Trip in Africa

Dan and Celine return to Karoo Wild Safaris with family

We were thrilled to welcome Dan and Celine from Ohio back to the Karoo. They visited us in 2013 and hunted a kudu, gemsbok, impala and cape springbok....

We had a range session the afternoon of their arrival and we were all impressed with the way these girls could handle a rifle. I already knew Celine to be a good marksmen. Her gemsbuck and springbuck from three years ago were testament to her shooting ability.

Morgan was on the rifle the next morning and we soon stalked in on a small herd of blesbok grazing in an open plain. We used a dry wash as cover and got within 160 yards. The dominant ram was grazing behind bushes and Morgan waited patiently for him to move clear to make the shot. The ram stumbled and ran off with the herd a way before separating. We followed and Morgan made a terrific shot to take her first ever African antelope. It was a special family moment. The rest of the day was spent trying to stalk steenbuck and duiker for Natalie and Abby but these tiny antelope had excellent senses and thwarted our efforts on several occasions.

Early the next morning we put in a stalk on a large blue wildebeest herd and identified a cull wildebeest cow that Celine wanted to hunt. They were constantly on the move and we had to stay with them for several hundred yards before the selected cow presented Celine with a shot. The shot hit and the cow took off for thick bush. A wildebeest is a tough animal and we had our hearts in our throats for a few moments before we located her and put her down with two more shots.

Dan and I walked along a narrow bushline in search of warthog. After several hundred yards we noticed a warthog boar foraging in the bush ahead of us. We stalked to within fifty yards and then waited patiently for the perfect shot which soon presented itself. Dan took an old warthog boar. What a day hunting in the Karoo!

The next day was a steenbuck and duiker day for Natalie and Abby. We made several stalks on both but were again busted on several occasions. The family took the afternoon off for an event they'd planned in Uitenhage.

The last hunting day was another tough day of trying to get close to the tiny antelope. After several attempts we managed to get close to a steenbuck ram. The ram was facing Abby at 100 yards and she made a terrific shot to bag her first ever animal. The day was coming to an end and Natalie had to face the reality that she may not her her animal this trip. At 8 years old she has plenty of time and I have no doubt that she will have plenty of hunting success in the future. It's in her genes!

Myself, Lindsay, our daughter Emma and son, Harry had a great time visiting with Dan and Celine and their three daughters. Thanks again for visiting us in the Karoo!

Guest Comments -

Karoo Wild is so wonderful that we cam back and brought the kids! Victor and Lindsay are wonderful people and they go above and beyond to give that personal touch.