Eastern Cape Hunting

Kerim and Bulent fulfill their Eastern Cape hunting dreams

Kerim and Bulent joined us from Istanbul for a 8 day safari. It was a pleasure inviting Kerim back to South Africa. His character and good humour always make for a fun safari and this time was no exception. It was Bulent's first time in South Africa

It was a tough safari. Lots of walking and climbing. Exceptionally good rains have enabled the trophy animals to hide-out in the mountains with plenty of grazing and water nearby. Kerim and Bulent were up to the challenge. Their persistence and fitness enabled them to take a number of good trophy animals. Bulent bagged a black wildebeest, impala, red hartebeest, blesbok, klipspringer, steenbok and bat eared fox. Kerim successfully took a black wildbeest, klipspringer, steenbok, duiker, bat eared fox and yes...a trophy kudu! Fourteen trophies in 6 hunting days.

All were good quality trophies but the kudu hunt must have been the highlight for Kerim considering the time and effort he put in for his trophy kudu. No hunter can be more deserving of such an animal. After many miles and mountain ranges, Kerim has his trophy bull.

After a "shaky" first shot on his black wildbeest, Bulent's hunting experience soon took over and he hardly missed a shot in taking his trophies. Separated from his guide, he tracked his impala for miles before taking a good shot on the far side of the property.

The klipspringer were special. It's always a rare animal to see and normally exceptionally difficult to hunt. We spent a lot of time in the mountains and both hunters took their opportunities to bag a highly rated trophy. Kerim successfully took a Rowland Ward gold medal grey duiker.

It was an opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones and after some good laughs and good hunting it was time to bid farewell to our friends.