Couples African Hunting Package

Mark and Lezlie, from Iowa, on their first African hunt

Mark and Lezlie from Iowa, USA visited us on their first ever African hunting safari. Nibbs guided them on their 8 day hunt and holiday....

They booked the shark cage diving package and enjoyed a shark dive with great white sharks in the Indian Ocean, visiting several coastal attractions along the way.

Mark (and Lezlie) had an exceptional hunt, taking a blesbuck, impala, black springbuck, two steenbuck and a mountain reedbuck. Lezlie made a one shot kill on her first ever antelope/deer, taking a gorgeous common springbuck after an epic stalk.

It was a privilege to meet Mark and Lezlie and look forward to welcoming them back to South Africa in 2020.

Guest Comments -

I want to thank you, Lindsay, Francis, Mitchell and even Nibbs for a wonderful safarication.  I can't think of anything we were lacking or could have wished for during our stay.  Nibbs did a wonderful job both as a PH and tour guide.  Not an easy job entertaining people non-stop for 8 days. More importantly we have truly been bitten with the Africa bug and have not been able to stop talking about when we could possibly return in the future.