Spiral Slam Hunt in South Africa

Couple hunt plains game in South Africa

Caesar and Megan hunted the Eastern Cape for the first time and took a number of world class trophies

Eland Hunt

Caesar and wife, Megan hunted with us for 8 days in late July. They've hunted in Africa many times before but this was to be their first hunt in the Eastern Cape. They hunted with a Blaser R8 with a 300 Win Mag barrel fitted to the Blaser system.

Early the first morning we hunted an area where I know there to be a family herd of klipspringer. I've attempted to hunt the ram out of this herd a few times over several years but the rough and steep topography has worked against us each time. This time was different, the klipspringer  were low down on the boulder strewn mountain side and Caesar was confident in making a 320 yard shot. A gorgeous klipspringer ram and the first of 3 Tiny Ten species we were to take on our hunt.

Next up was a lechwe which presented no problems. A short stalk unseen below the lechwe bull put us 120 yards out and Caesar made another good shot. We passed on several good eland bulls that day, determined to find something very special. Vaal Rhebok followed the next morning. Vaal rhebok are territorial and pre-scouting before Caesar's arrival put us in the territory of the vaal rhebok ram and his family early that morning. With little cover to work with, Caesar was faced with a 360 yard shot which he took with ease. On the drive back we spotted a mountain reedbuck ram resting in the sun. He was a big one and Caesar promptly added him to his collection.

The next day morning we were onto a herd of 80 eland in high bush at the bottom of a mountain slope. We knew there was an outstanding bull in the herd but had to wait patiently for our moment. Some younger cows were on heat and that particular bull chased them into a small clearing. Caesar was on the shooting sticks in a flash and made two good shots to put the bull down. An outstanding eland bull and a trophy of a lifetime.

Megan hunted an old bushbuck warrior later in the hunt. That same evening we went in search of another Tiny Ten species, Cape Grysbuck. We passed on one ram before we spotted the "monster", Caesar's 3rd Tiny Ten species hunted in one safari.

Megan hunted a kudu bull early on the last morning. They crossed the road directly in front of us. We let them go and then double-backed to see in which direction they'd settle. We let an hour pass before we hiked to get some elevation above them. This was Megan's first kudu, an animal which always induces "buck fever". She had the fever bad but got it quickly under control to make an exellent shot.

Thanks for hunting with us. We wish you every success on the Tanzanian leg of your African hunting Safari.