South African plains game hunt

Terry and family from Alaska hunt plains game in South Africa

Terry and family from Alaska joined Karoo Wild for a terrific 9 day plains game hunt. Nibbs and Arnold guided sons Robert, Gary, Jim and James (son in law) and daughters Laura and Claire on their hunt for a multitude of different species....

Kudu Hunting in South Africa

Gary was fortunate to take a zebra on the afternoon of the first day and a very successful hunt followed. We were all impressed with the knowledge and hunting abilities of the entire family. Mountains were climbed, animals tracked and near and far shots taken. The skinners did a fine job in skinning out the two giraffe and the meat will be used to feed the local community.

Congratulations also to Laura and James for hunting their first ever antelope/deer with us. We enjoy introducing hunters to new experiences and watching the excitement grow in a new hunter. James and I worked especially hard for his impala and it was a joyful moment for him. Laura's first animal was a world class blesbuck taken after a good stalk.

Gary was like a kid in a toy shop and the grin never left his face the entire 9 days. Encouraged by the persistent Arnold, he made a once in a lifetime 420 yard shot to get his first kudu bull.

Robert and Claire enjoyed their hunt as much as Gary did and had some memorable moments. Robert's giraffe kill and kudu bull taken high in the Winterhoek mountains will surely be memories he will cherish for some time. Their tenacity and love for hunting and new experiences encapsulate what we all love to see in our hunting guests.

Terry and Jim  took some terrific animals themselves and were determined to experience the hunting moments of the rest of their family.

We enjoyed the family's time with us and hope someday to welcome them back to the Karoo for some more hunting adventures.

Guest Comments - 

We booked a 9-day hunt with Victor for our family’s very first trip to Africa.  Our experience could not have been better; we were able to take some excellent trophies of all of the species on our wish lists (and then some!).  In addition to Victor, PHs Nibbs and Arnold also guided our family group. Not only were all three skilled hunters and guides, but fantastic individuals as well (and are certainly now counted amongst our closest friends).  Victor’s wife Lindsey was the perfect hostess and made us feel quite at home.  The food and drink was excellent, and at the end of every day we enjoyed drinks and hors d'oeuvres around the fire before dinner, while discussing the events of the day.  Victor and Lindsey went above and beyond accommodating us, and handled the logistics of guiding our large group of 7 with ease.  We look forward to many future hunts with our new friends at Karoo Wild Safaris!