Preserving the memory of your hunt

Taxidermy is a terrific way to preserve the memories of your African hunting trip.

We ensure that your hunting trophies are well looked after from the point of hunt to the moment they’re collected by the taxidermist. Our skinners are trained in caping and trophy care and follow a system that is tried and tested.

Should you wish to export your trophies to your home country, you have two options.

  • you can appoint a South African taxidermist to dip, pack and ship your raw trophies to your home country to be mounted.
  • alternatively, you can appoint a South African taxidermist to mount your trophies locally and ship them to you.

The waiting period on dip and pack is approximately 3-4 months. Mounted African trophies take approximately 12 months to complete and ship.

We work closely with Splitting Image Taxidermy but have established relationships with a number of local taxidermists. Whether for dip and pack or taxidermy work, the taxidermist will collect your trophies from us after your hunt and contact you for instructions. Once instructions are clarified, they will request a deposit to be paid by bank transfer. The balance is due upon shipping. Splitting Image  Taxidermy require a 50% deposit prior to commencing work and the balance can be settled just prior to shipping