Hunting Aardwolf South Africa

Aardwolf - a long forgotten member of the hyena family
Hunting Aardwolf in South Adrica

Aardwolf are related to the hyena family. They are found throughout South Africa wherever the termites of the family, Hodotermitidae occur. Aardwolf make up monogamous pairs with their young and live in burrows.

They are almost exclusively nocturnal. In the coldest part of the year, they’ll feed on termites during the day to conserve heat in their burrow at night.

Telling sexes apart is difficult. Male aardwolf are generally larger and hairier than their female counterparts.

Aardwolf hunting in South Africa is done at night with a spotlight. Success rates are high in the Eastern Cape and Free State Provinces of South Africa.

Aardwolf are protected and hunting legislation differs from area to area.

Aardwolf hunting permits can be obtained by prior approval.

Karoo Wild Safaris is fortunate enough to get an annual quota that allows us to hunt aardwolf.

Spec Sheet
Scientific Name : Proteles Cristata
Weight : 10 kg (m), 8 kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 50 cm (m and f)
Breeding Season : March to May with regional differences
Minimum Calibre : .223 with solids