Hunting Baboon South Africa

Baboon are the heaviest and largest monkey species

Hunting Baboon in South Africa
Scientific Name : Papio Ursinus
Weight : 40 kg (m), 30 kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 1.5 m (m and f) when standing
Breeding Season : year round
Minimum Calibre : 243

About the Baboon

The chacma baboon is the longest and heaviest monkey species and is widely distributed throughout Southern Africa. They’re highly social animals and form large troops of up to 40 animals. They’re omnivorous and forage for fruit, bugs, spiders and eggs. They’re known to prey on newborn  goats and sheep in the Eastern Cape, classifying them as a vermin species.

Judging a Trophy Baboon

Judging a trophy baboon is relatively simple when they're in a family with females. The males are substantially larger and often have grey hair. They display dominance over the rest of the males in the family and can be identified by their behaviour alone.

Baboon Hunting Tips

Baboon hunting is done opportunistically during the day or from a blind and bait set up. Hunting baboons is often considered a questionable African hunting activity due to their human-like behaviour. The reality is that the old males often inflict huge losses on stock farmers. Karoo Wild prefers hunting baboons over bait. This way, the older males can be identified and targeted.

Baboon Hunting Cost

The cost of a baboon hunt is $400 for a trophy baboon.