Hunting Bat Eared Fox South Africa

Bat Eared Fox - the only one of its genus on Earth

Hunting Bat Eared Fox South Africa
Bat Eared Fox
Scientific Name : Otycon Megalotis
Weight : 5 kg (m), 3 kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 40 cm (m), 35 cm (f)
Breeding Season : Year round
Minimum Calibre : 22

About the Bat Eared Fox

The bat-eared fox is the only extant of the genus Otocyon on Earth and is considered a basal canid species. They are widespread throughout the drier regions of Southern Africa. They live in small family groups dominated by monogamous pairs.

They are largely insectivorous and 80% of their diet is made up of a specific termite. When unavailable, they will forage for bugs, spiders and small reptiles. Berries and fruit form a small part in their diet.

Judging a Trophy Bat Eared Fox

It's difficult to tell the sexes apart as both are of similar size and have similar characteristics.

Bat Eared Fox Hunting Tips

Bat eared fox hunting is done largely at night but they can be taken opportunistically during the day. Karoo Wild Safaris obtains a limited number of bat eared fox hunting permits based on a small carnivore study. This expedites the approval of all import and export permits.

Bat Eared Fox Hunting Cost

The cost of hunting a bat eared fox is $300.