Hunting Blue Duiker South Africa

Blue Duiker – the smallest of South African plains game and a member of the Tiny Ten

hunting blue duiker
Blue Duiker
Scientific Name : Philaneomba Monticola
Weight : 4.5 kg (m and f)
Shoulder Height : 35cm
Breeding Season : Year round
Minimum Calibre : .243 with solids / shotgun from blind

About Blue Duiker

Blue duiker are the smallest of the duiker species and the smallest South African plains game. They occur in tiny pockets in the dense coastal forest of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Blue duiker pair-up for life.

Judging a Blue Duiker Trophy

Both male and female carry horns and sexing them is often done by observing their habits. A trophy blue duiker will have 2” long horns. The SCI minimum for blue duiker is 4 1/4 inches, Rowland Ward is 1 3/4 inches.

Blue Duiker Hunting Tips

Hunting Blue Duiker in South Africa is most effectively done from blinds. Shots vary in distance but will typically be in the 15 to 40 yard range. Extreme amounts of patience are required and is a testing African hunting experience. A shotgun or .243 loaded with solids to minimize damage to the hide is the most effective firearm choice.

Blue duiker hunting is especially good in the coastal areas of the Eastern Cape, . They’re a TOPS listed species but permits can be obtained relatively easily.

Blue Duiker Hunting Cost

The cost of hunting a blue duiker is $2200 for a trophy blue duiker.