Hunting Bushbuck South Africa

Bushbuck are often considered one of the most elusive of African plains game

Hunting Bushbuck in South Africa
Scientific Name : Tragelapus Scriptu
Weight : 40 kg (m), 30 kg (f)
Shoulder Height : Height: 80 cm (m), 70cm (f)
Breeding Season : April and May
Minimum Calibre : 243

About Bushbuck

Bushbuck occur in the coastal and adjacent interior throughout the Eastern Cape and other parts of South Africa. Bushbuck hunting in South Africa is a favorite local activity and it is one of the top animals to hunt in South Africa.

Bushbuck are members of the spiral horned antelope family, the term Spiral Slam refers to an African hunting collection of all the members of this spiral horned antelope family.

Bushbuck Trophy Size

Trophy bushbuck are 12 normally inches minimum. SCI minimum for bushbuck is 33 inches, Rowland Ward is 15 inches. Trophy bushbuck rams are dark brown in color, in the Eastern Cape they’re almost black.

Bushbuck Hunting Tips

Secretive, elusive and cunning, they are worthy and dangerous prey. Bushbuck rams are predominantly solitary in nature and they emerge from dense bush to feed in the early morning and late afternoons. Spotting and hunting bushbuck is a patient man’s game and you best have a good pair of binoculars. Walk through the bush slowly, pausing frequently to glass the area.

Their warning bark can be heard from hundreds of yards away. Be cautious when hunting bushbuck, a wounded bushbuck is dangerous and his razor-sharp horns have led to many visits to the hospital for hunters and their dogs alike.

Cost of a Bushbuck Hunt

The cost of a bushbuck hunt is $900 for a trophy bushbuck ram. Plains game hunting packages often include a trophy bushbuck. The Spiral Slam Hunting Package includes a trophy bushbuck, kudu, eland and nyala. This is a bushbuck hunting package that includes all the spiral horned antelope of Africa.