Hunting Cape Grysbuck South Africa

One of the rarest Tiny Ten plains game antelope

The nocturnal and elusive cape grysbuck is endemic to the Eastern and Western Cape Provinces of South Africa.

They inhabit areas with dense scrub and venture into the open plains at night. They feed on succulents and “fynbos' ' thus their limited range.

Cape grysbuck are solitary and will pair up briefly to mate. Only the male of the species carry horns. A trophy grysbuck will have horns in the 2-3 inch range.

Grysbuck hunting is done at night, or taken opportunistically in the late afternoon. Be careful when hunting grysbuck, the shadows from the female’s ears can often be mistaken for horns.

Use a light caliber bullet, preferably a hunting solids. Be confident of your shot, they’re always close to dense scrub and can disappear quickly.

Spec Sheet
Scientific Name : Raphiceros Melanotis
Weight : 10kg (m and f)
Shoulder Height : 50 cm (m and f)
Breeding Season : March to May
Minimum Calibre : 223