Hunting Caracal South Africa

Caracal are normally hunted with dogs in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Hunting Caracal in South Africa

Widespread throughout South Africa and Southern Africa. Caracal feed on birds, small mammals and reptiles but are capable of taking a fully grown springbuck and similar size African plains game. Male and females pair up briefly during the mating season and then separate after.

Due to its regional classification as vermin, hunting caracal with dogs is legal in the Eastern Cape. In areas where the bush is dense and the terrain flat, it is a highly successful way of hunting caracal.

Caracal are also successfully hunted at night where it is legal to do so with a spotlight, although the success rate is lower than with dogs.

When hunting caracal with dogs, a 12 gauge shotgun is used to shoot a treed cat. Caracal are soft-skinned and a .223 is effective at night for caracal. Wind may affect the bullet, so use a heavier for caliber bullet on the lighter vermin cartridges.

Spec Sheet
Scientific Name : Felis Caracal
Weight : 18 kg (m), 14 kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 45 cm (m), 50 cm (f)
Breeding Season : Year round
Minimum Calibre : 223