Hunting Common Reedbuck South Africa

The Common Reedbuck is hunted in the grassy areas of South Africa

Hunting Common Reedbuck in South Africa
Common Reedbuck
Scientific Name : Redunca Arindinum
Weight : 80 kg (m), 70 kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 90 cm (m), 85 cm (f)
Breeding Season : Year round
Minimum Calibre : 243

About Common Reedbuck

Sometimes confused with its cousin, the mountain reedbuck. A common reedbuck is an enlarged version of a mountain reedbuck. They are redder in color and are  different in the type of habitats they prefer. Common reedbuck are found in small family groups of 4-6 animals and are seldom found far from water.

Judging a Trophy Common Reedbuck

Common reedbuck are seldom found far from water and love the marshy floodplain areas. Only the rams carry horns and a trophy common reedbuck horn’s should be at least 12” long with a good curve. SCI minimum for common reedbuck is 21 inches

Common Reedbuck Hunting Tips

Hunting common reedbuck in South Africa involves identifying an area that supports a large population. They are TOPS listed in the Eastern Cape and Free State but common reedbuck hunting permits can be obtained relatively easily.

Common Reedbuck Hunting Cost

The cost of hunting a common reedbuck is $1800.