Hunting Copper Springbok South Africa

A color variation of the common springbok, rounding out the Springbok Slam

Copper Springbok Hunting in South Africa
Copper Springbok
Scientific Name : Antidorcas Marsupilias
Weight : 40kg (m), 35kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 80 cm (m), 75 cm (f)
Breeding Season : Year round
Minimum Calibre : 223

About Copper Springbok

Copper springbok are a color phase of the common springbok and are identical to them in all other aspects. Their skin color is dark copper, whereas that of a common springbok is white.

Judging Trophy Springbok

Springboks rams have horns that are thicker and longer that of the ewes. Trophy copper springbok horns point towards each other at the top or even backwards. A trophy copper springbok will measure 12 inches, SCI minimum is 30 inches.

Copper Springbok Hunting Tips

Springbok hunting in South Africa is entrenched in African hunting folklore. Past generations of hunters have told stories of thousands upon thousands of “trekbokke” (i.e. wandering herds), taking residence in an area for a month or more and then moving on.

The settlers would make hunting parties and along with horses, skinners and ox-wagons, hunting springbok would be a month-long affair.

Cost of a Copper Springbok Hunt

The cost of hunting copper springbok is $800 for  trophy copper springbok ram.