Hunting Hippopotamus Africa

Hippo hunts are conducted by Karoo Wild Safaris in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Hunting Hippo in Africa
Scientific Name : Hippopotamus Amphibius
Weight : 1500 kg (m), 1350 kg (f)
Shoulder Height : Height: 1.5 m (m), 1.5 m (f)
Breeding Season : Year round
Minimum Calibre : 375

About Hippo

Hippo can be highly aggressive when disturbed in their river territory and kill more people in Africa than any other dangerous game. Their skin is sensitive to sun and they only venture out of the water to feed at night.

How to judge a Trophy Hippo

Hippo bulls and cows are extremely difficult to tell apart. The head of a trophy hippo bull is slightly larger and has two humps on the side of his nose.

Hippo Hunting Tips

A brain shot is necessary when hunting hippo in the water. They will sink to the bottom of the river and float to the surface an hour later. Retrieve him with caution, hippo and crocs inhabit the same area. With good planning a hippo can be hunted on land.

In areas where problem hippo hunting permits are available, they can also be hunted at night on foot. This is the most dangerous method to hunt hippo.

A .375 or larger caliber with solid bullets is the recommended caliber for hunting hippo.

Hippo Hunting Prices

The average cost of a hippo hunt is $9000. Hippo are a popular species in a dangerous game hunting package. Please contact us for a custom hippo hunting package.