Hunting Kudu South Africa

Kudu – the top plains game animal to hunt on an African hunting safari.

Kudu Hunting
Scientific Name : Tragelaphus Strepsiceros
Weight : 230kg (m), 160kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 1.4 (m), 1.7 (f)
Breeding Season : April to June
Minimum Calibre : .270

About Kudu Hunting

Kudu hunting is without doubt one of the most challenging African hunting experiences. The kudu or “gray ghost of Africa” is the king of the spiral horned antelope and is widely distributed throughout Africa with higher concentrations in specific areas.

Kudu are browsers and will also graze on short grass occasionally. They feed almost exclusively at night, in the early mornings and late afternoons. They hide in thick bush, mountains and valley thickets in the day and begin their daily trek to water and their prime feeding areas in the late afternoon. Kudu are gregarious, forming small family herds of 8 – 20 animals. Younger bulls form bachelor herds. Older bulls are solitary outside of the mating season. A kudu hunt in South Africa is possible outside the mating season, experienced PH's do their homework and scout all year round for territorial trophy kudu bulls.

How to judge a Trophy Kudu

Only the males carry horns. The horns of a trophy kudu will typically be in a figure “8” shape, often pointing forward or even out at the tips. Old bulls are dark brown in color around their neck area, often with a mane of yellow-white hair at the base of their neck.

Kudu trophy size typically vary between 44" and 54".

Kudu Hunting Tips

Hunting kudu in South Africa is a bucket list hunting experience. The Eastern Cape has the highest density of kudu in Africa.

Kudu have unrivalled senses and unlike some game, have no weakness when it comes to their safety. Kudu will stand motionless for hours, scanning an area thoroughly before moving forward. Hunting trophy kudu is an art form and all seasoned kudu hunters have a memory bank of kudu hunting regrets. The good hunters will also have lifetime memories of absolute hunting thrill, for kudu hunting is the most challenging of all hunts. You don’t get one by chance, you have to earn it.

Choose a good area to hunt them, move slowly and deliberately when stalking and above all else be patient. Kudu hunting is addictive and most returning hunters to Africa will choose to hunt another one.

Despite all the hype, kudu aren’t particularly tough and a .270 with good quality ammunition is enough gun. If you wound a kudu bull, don’t follow up immediately and spook him even more . They will often lie down and with exhausted adrenaline reserves, your second shot will be an easier one.

How much does it cost to hunt a Kudu in South Africa

The cost of a kudu hunt is $1700 for a trophy kudu bull. Management kudu cost $300. Several affordable kudu hunting packages are available

  • The Kudu Hunting Package $5400 for  8 days includes a trophy kudu, gemsbok, impala and springbok.
  • The Spiral Slam Hunting Package $8500 for 8 days includes all the spiral horn species, a trophy kudu, eland, nyala and bushbuck
  • The Management Hunt Package $3200 for 8 days includes 1 kudu, 2 impala, 1 blesbok, 1 eland, 1 black wildebeest, 2 warthog and 2 springbok.