Hunting Lion Africa

Lion - the king of Africa

Lion Hunting in Africa
Scientific Name : Panthera Leo
Weight : 220kg (m), 160 kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 1.2 m (m), 1m (f)
Breeding Season : Year round
Minimum Calibre : 775

About the African Lion

The lion is the most feared of African predators. Nowhere does a lion roar go unnoticed! Lion are found throughout the national parks and large hunting concessions of Africa. They have an innate ability to sense weakness and will prey on animals of any size.

A pride of lions consists of a dominant female, other females and their cubs and a male lion. Lionesses do most of the hunting in a pride of lions and should be respected. Males develop manes from 3 years of age.

Lion Hunting Tips

Lion hunting takes place in the various hunting blocks of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Bait and blind is the most effective method of hunting lion.

Use a minimum .375 caliber and a scope with low variable magnification when hunting lion. Quick detachable mounts are handy in follow up situations

Cost of a Lion Hunt

The cost of a lion hunt depends on the area, number of permits available and any additional charges like air charters, government fees and pre-baiting. Contact us for a custom lion hunting package.