Hunting Tsetsebbe South Africa

Tsetsebbe are the fastest of African plains game animals

Hunting Tsetsebbe
Scientific Name : Damaliscus Lunatus
Weight : 140kg (m), 130kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 1.3m (m), 1.3m (f)
Breeding Season : March and April
Minimum Calibre : 270

About Tsetsebbe

The strangest looking of all African plains game antelope, tsetsebbe are found in South Africa. They are gregarious and will form large family herds and often associate with other species like wildebeest and burchells zebra.

Tsetsebbe are highly territorial, dominant bulls will often make outward displays of aggression like standing on an anthill and blowing loudly at their rivals.

Tsetsebbe are considered Africa’s fastest antelope.

Judging a Trophy Tsetsebbe

Both sexes carry horns. Sexing a Tsetsebbe is best left to a professional.

Along with a Blue Duiker, they are the most difficult of African plains game to tell the sexes apart. Watch for outward displays of dominance from the bulls and keep your eye on him.

Tsetsebbe Hunting Tips

Hunting Tsetsebbe in South Africa can be challenging. This is especially true if the dominant bull is moving and changing his position in a large herd. Value and display your trophy proudly, they are rare.

What does a Tsetsebbe Hunt cost

The cost of tsetsebbe hunt is $2400 for a tsetsebbe trophy