Hunting White Blesbok South Africa

White blesbok are a genetic mutation of the common blesbok

Hunting white blesbok in South Africa
White Blesbok
Scientific Name : Damaliscus Dorcas Phillipsi
Weight : 70 kg (m), 60 kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 95 cm (m and f)
Breeding Season : March to May with regional differences
Minimum Calibre : 243

About White Blesbok

White blesbok are identical to common blesbok in all aspects other than color. Their off-white coat is as a result of a gene mutation. Common and white blesbok are often seen mixed into the same herd. Their habits are identical.

White Blesbok Huntig Tips

Hunting white blesbok in South Africa requires patience and good walk and stalk skills. Look for blesbok rams on the periphery of the herd, they frequently patrol the fringes of their territory, feuding with younger blesbok rams.

White Blesbok hunting cost

The cost of a white blesbok hunt is $750 for a trophy white blesbok.