Hunting White Springbok South Africa

White Springbok are a color variation of the Common Springbuck

Hunting White Springbok in South Africa
White Springbok
Scientific Name : Antidorcas Marsupilias
Weight : 40kg (m), 35kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 80 cm (m), 75 cm (f)
Breeding Season : Year round
Minimum Calibre : 223

About White Springbok

White springbok are a color phase of the common springbok with identical habits. They aren’t an albino and their coloring is as a result of a gene mutation. Their coloring can vary from pure white to different shades of white.

Springbok are the only true gazelle to be found in Southern Africa. The trophy collection of a white springbok, along with the black, common and copper springbok color phases is called a Springbok Slam in Africa hunting terminology.

How to judge a White Springbok Trophy

Both sexes of white springbok carry horns. The males’ horns are far thicker and generally longer. The tips of a trophy white springbuck horn will point together or even backwards at the tips.

Springbok Hunting Tips

Hunting springbuck is a South African hunting pastime. Springbok hunting is done by walk and stalk and spot and stalk. They prefer open plains, use undulations in the terrain to narrow the distance.

Long shots of 200 yards or more are common, but the thrill lies in getting as close as possible. Flat shooting calibers are recommended when hunting white springbok in the Karoo plains.

Springbok Hunting Cost

The cost of a white springbok hunt is $800 for a trophy white springbok.