When is the Best time to hunt in South Africa?

Hunting Seasons in Africa

The hunting season in Africa is during the winter months.  Days are sunny and quite pleasant. Early mornings are cold, and the temperature drops quickly after sunset.

The best is to dress in layers when on safari. Keep this in mind when packing.

Hunting Season in South Africa

The South Africa hunting season runs from March to October. 

Expect temperatures of

  • daytime 10 – 28 Celsius or 50 – 82 Fahrenheit
  • night time 0 – 20 Celsius or 32 – Fahrenheit

Even so hunting in South Africa during the period November to February is possible. 

During this time hunting is done primarily in the cooler parts of the day – early mornings and late afternoons. It is still possible to hunt 6-7 hours per day but the warmer period from 10am to 4pm is normally spent resting at the lodge.

Hunting Season in Zambia and Zimbabwe

The main hunting season in Zambia and Zimbabwe runs from July to November when the foliage is thinner. 

Expect temperatures of

  • daytime 18 – 34 Celsius or 64 – 93 Fahrenheit
  • nighttime 10 – 28 Celsius or 50 – 82 Fahrenheit

Hunting in Zambia and Zimbabwe from the period December to June is possible for certain species. 

Discuss the options with us.