Hunting Black Wildebeest in South Africa

Long range shots are normal during a black wildebeest (White-tailed Gnu) hunt on the South African plains

Hunting Black Wildebeest
Black Wildebeest
Scientific Name : Connochaetes Gnou
Weight : 180 kg (m), 150 kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 120 cm (m), 110 cm (f)
Breeding Season : March to May with regional differences
Minimum Calibre : 270

About Black Wildebeest

Commonly known as the “clown of the Karoo”, they only occur naturally in the Karoo and Free State regions of South Africa and are the quintessential African plains game. They occur in large herds of 10 animals or more. Males are fiercely territorial, often fleeing only to return to their territory shortly afterwards.

Judging a Trophy Black Wildebeest

Both sexes carry horns, the males’ horns being wider and thicker with a broader boss. Old trophy black wildebeest bulls display a darker patch of skin at the base of their boss. Rowland Ward for black wildebeest is 22 7/8 inches, SCI minimum is 72 inches.

Black Wildebeest Hunting Tips

Hunting black wildebeest in South Africa is more difficult than it may first appear. They are nonchalant at first but getting to within shooting distances of 250 yards or less requires some careful stalking. Black wildebeest hunting takes extreme amounts of patience.

Black wildebeest are notoriously tough African animals, good shot placement and bullet choice is critical when hunting black wildebeest.

Black Wildebeest Hunting Cost?

The cost of a black wildebeest hunt is $1000 for a trophy black wildebeest. Black wildebeest hunting packages are rare. The Karoo Special Hunting Package for $5100 (8 days) includes a trophy black wildebeest and a choice of 3 other plains game hunting species.