Karoo Special Hunting Package

A flexible hunting package in the scenic Karoo
Hunting Zebra in South Africa
Package Cost From : $5100
Hunter 1X1 : $5800
Hunter 2X1 : $5100
Observer : $1100
Duration : 8 days/7 nights

Animal Species Included

Burchells Zebra
Blue Wildebeest
Black Wildebeest
Common Springbok


An African hunting package with flexibility. Hunt kudu, zebra, wildebeest, impala, springbok, blesbok or warthog. Species that are typically found in the Karoo.

  • burchells zebra
  • choose 1 of – kudu, blue wildebeest or black wildebeest
  • choose 2 of impala, blesbok, warthog or common springbuck


The hunt takes place in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Karoo Wild Lodge is our home base with 1-2 days at our satellite camp in a big five concession in the Graaff Reinet area.

The lodge exudes a quiet luxury and is family friendly.

Day tours to non-hunting attractions are available for hunters and observers. Multi day add-on tours are available.

Trophies Included in the Karoo Special Hunting Package

Hunting Zebra in South Africa

A zebra hunt in South Africa is an often under-rated hunt. Zebra have exceptional senses and are naturally wary in the wild. They're heavy set and a minimum 7mm caliber is needed to hunt them. To the untrained eye, it's difficult to tell the stallions apart from the mares. Choose your zebra trophy carefully, a zebra rug will last for generations and is a prized African trophy

Hunting Kudu in South Africa

Kudu are one of the most desirable plains game species among hunters. They possess unrivalled senses and hunting trophy kudu is always a challenge. When hunting kudu, move slowly, pausing often to survey the bush for movement and sound. If you spot a kudu bull before it spots you, your chances of success are much higher.

Hunting Blue Wildebeest in South Africa

Blue wildebeest are a common African plains game animal. They're exceptionally tough and are jokingly referred to as the "poor mans buffalo". Hunt blue wildebeest with a well bonded bullet and aim for the crease where the shoulder meets the body.

Hunting Black Wildebeest

Black wildebeest are often referred to as the clown of the Karoo. They have unusual habits and when frightened will often make big displays of dominance, running circles and returning to the centre of their territory. Hunt black wildebeest with caution, like blue wildebeest they are very tough to put down and shot placement is critical.

Hunting Impala

Impala are the most common African plains game animal and the most preyed upon antelope species. Impala hunting is challenging, they are found in large herds and there are usually plenty of eyes to bust your stalk.

Hunting Blesbok in South Africa

Blesbok are common South African plains game antelope. Blesbok hunting is often done in the plains, their preferred habitat. Make use of any available cover when hunting blesbok. Blesbok males are fiercely dominant and will often patrol the edge of their herd of females, straying onto the edge of the plains.

Hunting Warthog

A warthog hunt is a fun hunt! They have poor eyesight but exceptional hearing and smell. Challenge your stalking skills and see how close you can get. Warthog mating season is in April and May, the males grind their teeth together and can be heard from a fair distance away.

Animal species in the hunting package can be swopped upon consultation with us. Additional species can also be hunted. Any species in the package not successfully hunted will be refunded at 85% of the custom price for the species.

Package Includes

  • An African hunting experience of a lifetime
  • Services of a professional hunter, tracker and vehicle
  • All land transportation
  • All meals and accommodation
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
  • Daily laundry service and WiFi in camp
  • Field preparation of trophies and delivery to taxidermist
  • Rifle hire
  • Optional day trip to Addo Elephant National Park
  • VAT, license/permit fees

Daily Rates Exclude

  • Airfares to and from South African hunting destination
  • Taxidermy
  • Cost of ammunition (Camp Rifle) $2 medium caliber, $4 big game caliber
  • Additional trophies, cull animals and days can be added. Any trophies not successfully hunted, although unlikely, will be refunded at 85% of the list price. The package is flexible and species can be changed in consultation, prior or during your hunting safari.