Hunting Burchell’s Zebra South Africa

The most common of African zebra species

Hunting Zebra in South Africa
Burchell’s Zebra
Scientific Name : Equus Burchelli
Weight : 310kg (m and f)
Shoulder Height : 1.3 m (m and f)
Breeding Season : Year round
Minimum Calibre : 270

About Burchells Zebra

Unlike the hartmanns mountain zebra and cape mountain zebra, burchells zebra are widely distributed throughout Southern Africa. They prefer open woodlands and grassland and form large family herds of 10-20 animals and will often associate with blue wildebeest.

Blue wildebeest like short grass, zebra like long grass and it’s a symbiotic relationship. Burchells zebra differ in appearance from the two species of mountain zebra

-the have shadow stripes on their white stripes between the black stripes

-the stripe pattern goes around their stomachs

Judging Trophy Zebra

Sexing a zebra is extremely difficult and often done by observing their habits rather than looking for any difference in their appearance. Stallions will often lead the herd and be on the periphery when grazing. Stallions often have bite scars from years of fighting. When hunting zebra for the hide, choose the one with the best skin – male or female.

Zebra Hunting Tips

Hunting zebra in South Africa is more difficult than most first time hunters realize. The general perception is that zebra are tame, as they’re often viewed in zoos around the world.

The African hunting reality is a different one. Years of being the top choice of prey for lions have blessed them with good eyesight and an especially well-developed sense of smell. Hunting zebra is never as easy as it may first appear.

How much does it cost to hunt a Zebra?

The cost of a zebra hunt is $1200 for a trophy zebra. Many plains game hunting packages include a trophy zebra. The Karoo Special Hunting Package $5100 for 8 days includes a zebra and a choice of 3 other plains game species; kudu, black and blue wildebeest, impala, blesbok and springbok. This zebra hunting package is fully inclusive.