Hunting Steenbok South Africa

Steenbok are one of the most common of the Tiny Ten group of African plains game
Hunting Steenbok

Steenbok are widely distributed throughout South Africa (Eastern Cape, Free State and Northern Cape) and Namibia. The word “steen” translates from Afrikaans to brick in English, referring to the reddish color of their coat.

Steenbok pair up for life and will defend their territory aggressively. When one loses a mate, it may take months or even years for them to accept another partner.

The females are slightly larger but only the males carry horns. Steenbok horns sit straight up and a good pair will be longer than the ears, 4-5 inches long is considered standard trophy horn length. Steenbok hunting is hard work!

Steenbok like open plains but will sometimes graze close to cover, use this to your advantage. Hunting steenbok in South Africa will get you closer to completing the Tiny Ten, an African hunting term referring to the collection of the smallest antelope found in Southern Africa.

Spec Sheet
Scientific Name : Raphicerus Campestris
Weight : 11kg (m), 12kg (f)
Shoulder Height : 50 cm (m), 50 cm (f)
Breeding Season : April and May
Minimum Calibre : 223