Tiny Ten Hunting Package

Get started on hunting the Tiny Ten antelope
Hunting Vaal Rhebuck
Package Cost From : $5400
Hunter 1X1 : $6100
Hunter 2X1 : $5400
Observer : $1100
Duration : 8 days/7 nights

Animal Species Included

Vaal Rhebuck
Common Duiker


A Tiny Ten hunting package for 4 members of the Tiny Ten group of Africa’s smallest antelope. Add more Tiny Ten antelope – blue duiker, cape grysbuck, oribi and red duiker or swap out those who’ve already hunted. Small predators and creatures – caracal, aardwolf, jackal, bat eared fox, bushpig and genet can also be added to this package. We’re flexible – consult us on your perfect small plains game and predator hunt.

The hunt takes place at Karoo Wild Lodge in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. The lodge exudes a quiet luxury and is family friendly. Day tours to visit non-hunting attractions are available for hunters and observers. Multi day add-on tours are available.

Trophies Included in the Tiny Ten Hunting Package

Hunting Vaal Rhebuck

Vaal rhebuck hunting will test your patience and endurance. They only inhabit open mountains plains above 6000 feet and are considered by many to be the most challenging African Hunt. They're territorial and won't intolerant of other species and even small livestock. Only the males have horns, unusually long for the animals size.

Hunting Klipspringer

Klipspringer are habitat specific and one of the rarest members of the Tiny Ten antelope. They live on rocky mountain slopes, their hooves are elongated and adapted to hopping from boulder to boulder. Choose your caliber and bullet carefully when hunting klipspringer, their hide is soft and prone to extreme hair loss.

Hunting Steenbok

Steenbok are common on the open Karoo plains. They pair up for life and inhabit small territories, typically 100 acres in size. Due to the open terrain, steenbok hunting is tough but they're common enough to make them the most hunted members of the Tiny Ten antelope.

Hunting Common Duiker

Duiker are the most common plains game species with 16 different sub species recorded throughout Africa. Duiker are solitary and prefer thickly wooded areas. Hunting duiker requires knowledge of where the territorial males live. Get some elevation and glass carefully, even in wooded areas, they move nervously from bush to bush.

Animal species in the hunting package can be swopped upon consultation with us. Additional species can also be hunted. Any species in the package not successfully hunted will be refunded at 85% of the custom price for the species.

Package Includes

  • An African hunting experience of a lifetime
  • Services of a professional hunter, tracker and vehicle
  • All land transportation
  • All meals and accommodation
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
  • Daily laundry service and WiFi in camp
  • Field preparation of trophies and delivery to taxidermist
  • Rifle hire
  • Optional day trip to Addo Elephant National Park
  • VAT, license/permit fees

Daily Rates Exclude

  • Airfares to and from South African hunting destination
  • Taxidermy
  • Cost of ammunition (Camp Rifle) $2 medium caliber, $4 big game caliber
  • Additional trophies, cull animals and days can be added. Any trophies not successfully hunted, although unlikely, will be refunded at 85% of the list price. The package is flexible and species can be changed in consultation, prior or during your hunting safari.