Plains Game Hunting Package

The ultimate African plains game hunting package
Hunting Kudu in South Africa
Package Cost From : $11600
Hunter 1X1 : $12300
Hunter 2X1 : $11600
Observer : $1600
Duration : 11 days/10 nights

Animal Species Included

Burchells Zebra


An African plains game hunting package for 7 of the most desired trophy animals. The hunt takes place in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Karoo Wild Lodge is our home base with 1-2 days at our satellite camp on a big five concession in the Graaff Reinet area. The lodge exudes a quiet luxury and is family friendly. Day tours to visit non-hunting attractions are available for hunters and observers. Multi day add-on tours are available.

Trophies Included in the Plains Game Hunting Package

Hunting Kudu in South Africa

If you like walking and stalking and thrilling hunting adventure, hunting a kudu will likely be the highlight of your African hunting safari. Kudu are flighty! Patience and faith are required. Our guides and trackers scout for good kudu trophies throughout the season and we have an excellent kudu hunting success.

Hunting Nyala in South Africa

Nyala are the most colourful of the African plains game antelope. A nyala bull fight, with their white manes rising up on their backs is a sight to behold. Nyala inhabit thicker bush and river beds. Hunting nyala is mostly done by spot and stalk. Primarily browsers, they like to graze the shorter grass in the plains in the early morning and late afternoon.

Hunting Waterbuck

Waterbuck are an iconic plains game species. There name is misleading, in the drier areas they often inhabit the grassy mountains plains far away from water. However, they will make a daily trek to drink water and will often spend several hours around waterholes. Waterbuck are bulk grazers and are an important cog in any ecosystem. Use a minimum .270 caliber when hunting waterbuck, they're a heavy antelope.

Hunting Gemsbok

Gemsbok are gregarious and will form herds of 10 or more antelope. Hunting gemsbok requires good stalking skills. They have excellent senses and won't graze for long before pausing to scan their environment for danger. They're well adapted to warm and arid  environments. The alternating black and white stripes on their nose cools the blood flow to their brain.

Hunting Zebra in South Africa

Many African hunters estimate a zebra hunt, they have excellent senses and will run for miles at the first sign of danger. Their clattering hooves will also send other plains game antelope scampering off for safety. A zebra rug is a prized piece of decoration in any house. They're durable and can last generations.

Hunting Impala

Impala are mixed feeders and are suited to a variety of habitats. They're heavily preyed upon by predators and their young are able to run with the herd from birth. Impala hunting is done by walk and stalk and spot and stalk.

Hunting Springbok

Springbok form large family herds with the younger rams forming bachelor herds. The dominant trophy springbok will defend their herd aggressively from intruders and fights are common. Springbok hunting in the Karoo is the stuff of legends. In days past, farmers would hunt together on driven springbok hunts and share the meat among them at the end of the hunt.

Animal species in the hunting package can be swopped upon consultation with us. Additional species can also be hunted. Any species in the package not successfully hunted will be refunded at 85% of the custom price for the species.

Package Includes

  • An African hunting experience of a lifetime
  • Services of a professional hunter, tracker and vehicle
  • All land transportation
  • All meals and accommodation
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
  • Daily laundry service and WiFi in camp
  • Field preparation of trophies and delivery to taxidermist
  • Rifle hire
  • Optional day trip to Addo Elephant National Park
  • VAT, license/permit fees

Daily Rates Exclude

  • Airfares to and from South African hunting destination
  • Taxidermy
  • Cost of ammunition (Camp Rifle) $2 medium caliber, $4 big game caliber
  • Additional trophies, cull animals and days can be added. Any trophies not successfully hunted, although unlikely, will be refunded at 85% of the list price. The package is flexible and species can be changed in consultation, prior or during your hunting safari.